See Why This Dump Trailer Is a Millroad Fan Favourite

See Why This Dump Trailer MDD816-10 Is a Millroad Fan Favourite

Whether you’re shopping for a durable dump trailer or an aluminum landscape trailer for your next project, explore one of the most popular trailer configurations at Millroad Manufacturing. We’re Ontario’s #1 dump trailer manufacturer, and our deckover trailers are used and loved by property owners, business owners and weekend warriors around North America.

Fan Favourite Specifications

See Why This Dump Trailer MDD816-10 Is a Millroad Fan Favourite

One of our fan favourites is a 10-ton aluminum deck over dump trailer MDD816-10. While our dump trailers come in many sizes, this particular size is popular for professional and amateur projects. Part of the appeal of this heavy hitter is its reliable design, and another key benefit is its versatile performance. Here are a few fast facts about this trailer:

  • 96-inch trailer bed with extruded aluminum floor
  • Folding sides and removable ramps
  • Tri-axle design with TorFlex EZ-Lube axles
  • Electric brakes and LED lights
  • Stake pockets and 1/2-inch rub rail

From the tires to the optional tarp kit with a hood, this trailer has all the features you need in a daily workhorse or for a fun-filled weekend. The bed is large and durable enough to handle skid steers by day and ATVs in the evening. Thanks to the convenient folding sides and removable ramps, it’s easy to load and unload this trailer with all kinds of equipment and materials. Once you reach your job site or dump station, a 10,000-pound jack takes care of emptying your trailer.

Common Applications

A specialized trailer may be good for certain projects, but our fans love the versatility. A 10-ton trailer with a 96-inch bed gives you plenty of storage capacity, and the aluminum frame and floor keep your trailer light and easy to maintain.

Use this dump trailer as a key piece of equipment. Landscaping, lawn care and construction are all easy to tackle with this trailer. Hook it up to your work truck and load it up with your lawnmower, weed trimmers, skid steer or construction equipment. Once you’re at the job site, your trailer can become a convenient dumpster for loading up scrap materials. Haul it off to the waste station or recycling centre for convenient disposal of job site debris.

On the weekend, this trailer transforms into a great way to take a fun-filled vacation. Load up all your family’s camping gear and you’ll still have plenty of room for an ATV, dirt bike, kayaks or other outdoor recreational equipment.

Looking to move? Whether you have a new home or a child going to college, a dump trailer is a great way to pack up furniture, boxes and other equipment as you move to a new location. Your daughter probably won’t appreciate it if you tilt the dump trailer and dump all her possessions at the doorsteps of her apartment, so use the included removable ramps to safely haul furniture and appliances out of your trailer.

Available Accessories

Your trailer comes equipped with plenty of features, but there are more you can add. Install a kayak rack, add a couple of D-rings or pick out hydraulic and electric brakes to personalize your dump trailer. If a 10-ton behemoth sounds like too much trailer for your job, choose a smaller option for more manageable loads.

Get More Out of Your Dump Trailer

At Millroad Manufacturing, we make it easy to connect you with the aluminum landscape trailer or heavy-duty dump trailer that fits your goals. Contact us today to discuss your custom options or browse our online catalogue to find the exact trailer you need. You can’t go wrong with this fan favourite, but we have many other dumps, landscape, deckover and gooseneck trailer styles available for any situation. Explore the benefits of a custom aluminum trailer today.