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Top 3 Popular Custom Features for Dump Trailers

Top 3 Popular Custom Features for Dump Trailers

Did you know that when you choose your aluminum trailer from Millroad Manufacturing, you can request custom specifications? Despite the benefits of custom trailers, we have found that many buyers settle for the standard layout. As great as our base models are, there is no reason to settle. We are happy to help you with whatever customizations will make our trailers better for your needs.

Reasons To Customize

The most significant reason to order custom trailers is that you can. Why stick with the standard when you can have a solution that better fits your needs? If you are buying a new dump trailer, chances are that you will be using it for your business or other heavy-duty activity. Don’t settle for the base trailer if it is going to hold you back. Instead, order the right trailer for the job.

At Millroad Manufacturing, we offer a broad variety of customization options for our trailers. These include size, wall features, lifts, axle options and more. Of all the choices available, the sidewall height, bed size and battery-charging system are among the most popular customizations.

1) Side Height

Most people order dump trailers with sidewalls. Our standard model comes with 16-inch walls. However, this isn’t well-suited for every job. Sometimes you need lower walls for easier access or higher ones to keep your load contained. Consider what you will be using the dump trailer for. Will you be moving gravel and earth? Do you plan to carry your equipment? Do you want to be able to lift items over the sides?

Answering these questions will help you to determine what the correct size walls are for you. The good news is that we can fit our trailers with a broad range of wall heights. Want no side walls? No problem. Need 36-inch walls? That’s no problem either.

2) Bed Size

Similarly, you should customize the bed size to your specific carrying capacity needs. While our standard trailer is designed to accommodate an average-sized load, there is no reason to settle for that size if it isn’t right for your primary uses. Perhaps you want to be able to carry equipment as well as materials and need a little extra length. Maybe you want to carry wide items such as large pavers. Having the extra width can help you ensure that your materials are properly stowed in the trailer. This is a very simple customization that we can turn around promptly. Again, there is no reason to struggle with the wrong size trailer. Just give us the dimensions you need.

3) Charging System

The lift that operates the tilt mechanism on most trailers has a dedicated battery. This needs to be changed or charged periodically. Most trailer buyers don’t want to have to keep swapping out their batteries. So, adding charging systems is a very popular option. Furthermore, most customers want a charging option that will work well for their unique circumstances. Perhaps you want to receive a charge from the truck. Maybe you expect to park your trailer near an outlet and plug it into a standard 120-volt power source. You may even want to charge using a solar panel on the trailer. Whatever your needs, we are happy to customize your trailer to work for you.

Order Custom Trailers From Millroad Manufacturing

Our custom aluminum trailers are top-quality products that you can rely on for all your carrying needs. While we design our standard trailer options to be practical for a diverse array of uses, every customer has slightly different requirements. Check out some of the options we offer for custom trailers and place your order today.