Spring Clean Up Made Easy With a Dump Trailer

Spring Clean Up Made Easy With a Dump Trailer

Whether you live on a small lot or huge acreage, a dump trailer can make spring cleaning much easier. You might be hauling the trash out of your garage to the dump or planting new trees along your fence. A dump trailer can be just the ticket to making your life simpler and giving your back a break. Not all dump trailers are the same. Here’s how to choose the right trailer for your needs.

Common Applications For Dump Trailers

While many of our trailers are used in commercial applications, such as construction or landscaping, homeowners can also get a lot of use from dump trailers. Use a dump trailer to transport furniture to the dump when you’re spring cleaning the garage. Haul lawn equipment to your mom’s house to mow her lawn. Use your trailer to bring home new trees and plants from the nursery to give your garden an upgrade. Dump trailers can transport mulch to your yard and turn around to help your college student move from at the end of the term. Don’t worry about breaking your back dragging branches from your back yard to the front for the garbage truck to pick up. Just load all those branches into your dump trailer and take them anywhere you want.

Dump Trailers 101

When you’re shopping for aluminum trailers for sale, you’ll come across multiple options, from the size, width and depth of the trailer to different frames. A dump trailer is like a dump truck, without the truck. Your trailer has a hydraulic mechanism to lift items out of the trailer with ease, but it attaches to your truck. Our trailers are made of high-quality aluminum. They won’t corrode or rust, but you do need to take care of them and store them well to make them last. You may be thinking about spring cleaning right now, but once you start to use your dump trailer, you’ll find many uses throughout the year.

What Size to Buy?

The most common trailer sizes are 14-foot or 16-foot, but you can find dump trailers from 8- to 20-foot. These trailers are easy to pull behind your vehicle but still carry quite a bit. Consider how you plan to use your trailer and what you need to haul. Also, take into consideration where you plan to store your trailer when it’s not in use. You want to make sure your trailer fits.

What About the Back End?

The back end of the trailer comes in many different styles. You can choose single-door gates or barn-door gates. Single-door gates take more space on the side because they swing out wide. Barn door gates open from the middle and are often more practical. Your back end can also include a ramp or not. Ramps can be detachable or folding. They are easier if you use a dolly to unload, but you may not even need a ramp.

Brakes -Dependable Stopping Power

Our trailers are equipped with either electric or hydraulic brakes, depending on your preference. Hydraulic brakes quickly connect to your own vehicle, so you won’t need an electric actuator. We offer many different configurations to give you a precision performance that fits your needs instead of just settling for a generic trailer.

Custom Trailers For Custom Jobs

A dump trailer can be just the ticket to handle those spring cleanups. If you’re not sure what size you need, just come and talk to our experts. Our engineers can help you find the right trailer that fits your needs and project. If you have something specific in mind, we can manufacture the trailer you want to make your life easier. We use high-quality aluminum and innovative fabrication methods to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Shop for dump trailers at Millroad Manufacturing.