How to Prevent Rust on Your Custom Aluminum Trailer

How To Prevent Rust on Your Custom Aluminum Trailer?

You want your trailer to last a lifetime. However, if you live in an area with snowfall in the winter, you have to deal with road salt and other issues. Find out how to protect your custom aluminum trailer from the corrosive effects of road salt. By choosing one from Millroad Manufacturing, you can be confident in hauling what you need when you need it. Compare our aluminum models with steel and other materials to enjoy convenient repairs and easy maintenance.

Causes of Rust on an Aluminum Trailer

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Aluminum is an excellent material for trailers and other outdoor equipment. Steel quickly rusts when exposed to moisture and air. Aluminum, however, resists rust and corrosion and stays strong despite heavy moisture.

Road salt, unfortunately, changes the game. When your aluminum trailer or other outdoor equipment is exposed to road salt, it can experience oxidation. Oxidation is similar to iron rusting and causes discoloration and a compromised surface. Protect your trailer with these prevention and cleaning tips. A few easy maintenance tips can go a long way in protecting your equipment and ensuring it lasts longer, looks good and hauls all your heavy loads.

Ways To Prevent Rust

A steel trailer requires routine painting for protection. This maintenance step can take time and cost you significantly. Thankfully, aluminum doesn’t need a layer of paint or other coating to prevent rusting or rotting.

Simply wash your trailer periodically to prevent excess salt buildup. This can prevent oxidation and other damage from a buildup of road salt. Follow these cleaning tips to enjoy bright, rust-free surfaces.

If you’re planning on storing your trailer outdoors for the entire winter, there are a few ways you can protect it. First, try to store it away from the road. If you plan on using road salt on your home driveway, try to avoid spreading salt near the storage area. Your trailer doesn’t need to be stored indoors, but preventing snow building and contact with road salt can prevent oxidation.

Cleaning Tips

Over time, you may notice your trailer becoming a bit dull or discolored. It doesn’t need to be painted, but a good washing can help bring out the natural shine of the aluminum. Here are a few cleaning tips to help you thoroughly wash your trailer and keep it well maintained for years to come.

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The exact cleaning schedule depends on your use. If your trailer is constantly exposed to road salt and sea water, you may want to spray it down every week. For most equipment, occasional washes are more than enough.

Don’t use an abrasive cleaner or scrubbing technique. Mild soap and water are more than enough to polish up your piece and remove excess salt. Acid cleaners can also damage the surface of aluminum and compromise your trailer.

Just like your truck, you may want to use a pressure washer to clean off your trailer. However, there are a few important things to remember. First, extreme pressure blasting can damage wiring and other areas. Use a low-pressure setting on your pressure washer to power through road salt and grime but protect the electrical system.

Pay attention to the wheel wells and other areas of your trailer. These areas typically see the most exposure to road salt so are the most likely to begin oxidizing.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Trailer Today

At Millroad Manufacturing, we care about your equipment. We offer premier aluminum trailers for all your hauling needs. Follow these tips to prevent rust and keep yours clean. Don’t let road salt and other contaminants affect the lifespan of your trailer so you can enjoy a long-lasting, efficient hauling system for all your work projects and weekend getaways.