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Dump Trailer Maintenance

3 Items to Keep Up on With Dump Trailer Maintenance

3 Tips and Tricks for Dump Trailer Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance for your dump trailer saves you time and money, keeping your operations moving smoothly. When you pay special attention to the health of your battery, tires, and the all-important hydraulic system, it creates longevity and efficiency for you and your business. If you try these tips below and determine that you need to find a new dump trailer for sale, contact us to learn about our custom aluminum options that may be a wise investment. 

1. Check Batteries

The health of your battery determines the functionality of your trailer. Most dump trailers come with their own internal battery that supplies power independently from the battery in the tow vehicle. This allows for a more efficient and reliable distribution of electricity to the safety lights and hydraulics.

Be sure to also check the posts and cables of your trailer battery regularly. Any corrosion or frayed wires should be immediately dealt with to avoid fires or toxic decomposition. Charging your battery and checking for fluid leaks will also ensure that the hydraulic lift arm operates correctly. 

2. Inspect Tires

Check your owner’s manual or user guide to determine what PSI the tires need. Overinflation can lead to a stiff ride and create an unnecessary strain upon the shock absorbers. Underinflation can lead to a higher likelihood of flats and reduced fuel efficiency. 

Measure the tread levels by inserting a penny into the tread gap, with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing downward. If the top of his head is visible, your treads have worn too low, and reduced traction may become a safety issue. 

Inspect the tire wall and treads for damage, foreign objects, or cracking. If any part of the tire is damaged, consider a quick patch, or a full replacement. If your tires are wearing unevenly, consider having them rotated or replaced. 

3. Assess Hydraulics 

Your dump trailer only works as well as your hydraulic system. This is also the most technical and complex part of your trailer. Sometimes a dump trailer can be stuck in the upright position. If this happens, inspect the pump. You should see a round coil and a square coil. Look for the nuts that fasten each coil. Loosen each one, then gently let the trailer fall back to its horizontal position. Then take the trailer to a professional for a complete inspection. 

Transmission fluid levels can also be a factor in how well your hydraulics function. Check your fluid regularly and only fill what you need. Too much can create overflow and leakage. Fluid levels should be checked at least once for every 1,000 hours of operation. A good grade of hydraulic fluid includes non-foaming properties, along with additional chemicals that reduce friction and corrosion. 

Find a Custom Dump Trailer for Sale at Millroad Trailers

One unique aspect of working with us is that we can fully customize an aluminum trailer to fit exactly what you need. Specify your desires for trailer length, width, and axles. Then consider other add-ons such as LED rear lighting and electric braking. 

Our aluminum trailers offer several advantages when compared with traditional steel. They require no seal-coating against the elements and do not need paint. Aluminum resists rust and weighs less than steel, allowing you to haul more cargo. 

All of our trailers come with a five-year warranty, a quality guarantee, and are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. We include you in the process from start to finish, so you know you’ll be satisfied with the final product. Contact us today to start the process of designing a custom dump trailer that meets all of your material hauling needs.