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How A Dump Trailer Helps With Fall Clean Up

How A Dump Trailer Helps With Fall Clean Up

If you own a home with a lawn or other outside area, you know that cleaning up in the fall can be a big job. All the trees and other greenery are getting ready for the winter, and you need to be also. An aluminum dump trailer can help turn your big job into a much more manageable process. It will make short work of all the necessary debris removal that comes with fall clean-up.

1) Leaf and Other Tree Debris Removal

Once the leaves start to turn and fall, it isn’t long before the ground is covered in them. Depending on the number and type of trees on your property, removing leaves and other debris may be a season-long endeavor.

Fortunately, with a dump trailer, you can get them cleaned up quickly. The size and walls of the dump trailer make it easy to fit a lot of leaves and other tree debris. While you probably want to bag the leaves as you go, you can quickly hoist all the bagged leaves into the dump for fast transport.

2) Preparing for Winter

As you get close to the end of the fall, you will need to do a little preparatory work on your lawn. A final grass cutting and weeding can do wonders when your lawn emerges again in the spring. Of course, you will need to haul those grass clippings away. Furthermore, you can bring in any equipment you may need using the same trailer.

Don’t forget about your other greenery as well. You should take care to clean up flower beds, trees and anything else that may soon be covered in a blanket of snow.

You may be impressed by how much yard refuse you can fit in even a modest-sized dump trailer. Plus, if you own one, you can use it whenever needed for your pre-winter prep work.

3) Moving Lumber

One of the big tasks during the fall is cleaning up any fallen lumber. If you have branches down during storm season or just have some larger lumber that needs to be removed, you can make quick work of it all with a chainsaw and a dump trailer.

It is a good idea to inspect your trees for damaged, dead or precarious branches. When the snow comes down, those branches can quickly become a danger to your property and even your physical safety. In particular, if you have kids or pets playing out in the snow during the winter, you don’t want to risk a dying branch being compromised by ice and snow.

Overall, having an aluminum dump trailer means that you can take on all your yard work tasks with ease. Plus, this is true during the spring and summer as well. Anytime you are taking care of your outdoor property, having the right trailer can make quick work of your hauling tasks. Give one a try this year and see how much of a difference it can make.

Buy an Aluminum Dump Trailer for Your Fall Clean Up

While you can rent dump trailers, you may want to consider buying one. First and foremost, when you buy a trailer, you can get a good-quality model that hasn’t been abused by dozens or hundreds of renters. That also means that you can get the features that you want. For example, having side openings may help you get the job done quicker. Plus, buying is much less expensive over time than renting every year.

The good news is that Millroad Manufacturing has plenty of trailers to choose from. Simply visit one of our dealers to pick up an aluminum dump trailer that will have you covered for all your fall clean-up and other removal needs.