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Buying Guide To Assist With Your Dump Trailer Search

Buying Guide to Assist with Your Dump Trailer Search

Are you always doing jobs that require dumping or hauling? If so, you know that refuse piling up around your home or worksite is a hassle, and paying for hauling is costly and adds up fast. No doubt, owning a dump trailer has crossed your mind more than once. Well, you’re in luck. At Millroad Manufacturing, we have some great information on what to look for in a dump trailer to meets your needs.

Dump trailers are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. People are often surprised to learn of the many trailer selections available. One important thing, though, all of our products have the dumping features you need to get the job done and custom dump trailer options to make life easier in the process.

Choose Custom Trailer Options  

What do you plan to haul in your dump trailer? It seems like a simple question, right? However, buying a trailer is an investment, so you don’t want to overlook features you may need in the future. The tendency may be to focus on hauling capacity alone. We have a number of trailer selections to choose from, but if you don’t find one that works for you, we can custom build one to your exact specifications. We manufacture our trailers, and our engineers have the precision design knowledge and expertise to get your build done right.

You can also customize almost every part of your trailer. Here are some great customization options to consider:

  • LED lighting
  • Spare tire mounts
  • Aluminum rims
  • Custom toolboxes
  • Aluminum winch racks
  • Aluminum flooring
  • Recessed floor ties
  • Cast D-rings
  • HD Deck plate fenders
  • Canoe and kayak racks

The brake system on your trailer is essential for safe hauling. We can fit your dump trailer with either an electronic or hydraulic braking system that gives you the best performance on the road and on the job.

One other great feature we offer is an electronic-hydraulic pump with remote control. All dump trailers have dumping functions, but this powerful hydraulic system is built for versatility and consistent, heavy use. As you can see, the sky is pretty much the limit with our trailer designs. Let us know what you need, and we can work together to develop your dream dump trailer.

Get Superior Performance

So why do you need these options for superior performance? It’s all about maneuverability and function. We learned over the years that dump trailers get the job done in places where larger vehicles don’t. Our custom designs mean you get a trailer that works in almost any situation. Here are some of the ways custom-trailer designs perform for our customers:

  • Construction workers: Construction jobs require a lot of hauling. Our built-in floor ties and D-rings, along with our custom toolboxes, make transporting supplies easy and convenient.
  • Landscape specialists: Landscape companies haul a lot of loose materials, such as dirt, mulch and rock. Our hydraulic pump with remote gives the ability to dump heavy loads safely and accurately, saving both time and money on the job.
  • Roofing contractors: Roofing materials from tear-offs can be a real mess on a worksite. The durable decks and maneuverability of our dump trailers mean that workers can get them close to the worksite and easily load up heavy refuse on the spot.
  • Homeowners: Homeowners love the hauling capability of our dump trailers. They use them for home improvement projects and for moving lawnmowers and other equipment around their property. They also appreciate extras like our canoe and kayak racks when it’s time for some recreation and relaxation.

Experience the Millroad Difference

At Millroad Manufacturing, our dump trailers are designed and built for quality and dependability. As the industry leader in dump trailer designs, we will build your trailer to your personal specifications. Our customized trailers perform exactly as you need for the work you do.