The Best Tie Down Systems for a Custom Deckover Trailer

The Best Tie Down Systems for a Custom Deckover Trailer

A good trailer needs a reliable tie down system. Whether you’re hauling furniture to your summer cottage or taking an ATV to a nearby trail, be sure you have safe and secure straps before you hit the road. Learn how we use the best tie down systems with our custom deckover trailer at Millroad Manufacturing.

How a Tie Down System WorksRecessed Floor Ties

All tie down systems follow the same basic strategy. Different systems have various anchor points and other convenient features, but they all offer secure points where you can fasten a chain, rope or another tie down strap. Here are the basic types of tie down systems:

  • Single-point anchors
  • Track systems
  • Stake pockets

Single-point anchors can be attached to your trailer’s deck or other secure areas. These additional points can be recessed or simple D-rings. If you’re installing your own single-point anchors, be sure you’re fastening them to a firm part of your trailer for a reliable hold.

Track systems are convenient, adjustable points that allow you to tailor your tie down system to your exact load. These accessories permit you to change up the type of equipment you haul and adjust your anchor points as needed.

A common tie down system for heavy-duty hauling is stake pockets. At Millroad Manufacturing, our flat deck trailers use convenient stake pockets with a rub rail on both sides. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility of a track system without adjusting the anchor points or worrying about a damaged track.

Anchor Strategies

There are a few tips and tricks that can help you get more out of your tie down system. Regardless of your load, use these anchor strategies to keep your trailer and your equipment safe on the road.

First, always check your tie down points and your line for signs of damage and for their weight rating. Some straps and chains seem durable but don’t have the weight rating you need for a heavy load. Certain tie down spots can hold a considerable weight while others are best left to light loads. Use enough anchor points for extra-large equipment to avoid relying on a single strap or anchor.

Next, be sure you choose a secure anchor spot. Loop your chain or strap around multiple spools in the stake pocket to increase the safety of your anchor point. Don’t strap anything to the rub rail. This rail is added to keep your strap in place and prevent it from chafing on obstacles as you travel. While our rub rail is made of sturdy aluminum, it’s not designed for anchoring.

Our flat deck and deckover trailers are perfect for hauling all types of loads, as long as you safely secure your cargo and don’t overload your trailer. For skids or hay, look for sliding ratchet straps for a reliable, adjustable hold. Take your time and be sure all your chains and straps are secure for every load. This will prevent items from shifting dangerously while you drive.

Extra Accessories Cast D - Rings

Our custom trailers come with plenty of anchor options. As you enjoy your Millroad trailer, you may find a few loads that require more anchoring. Ask about additional D-rings or recessed floor tie down points for your trailer. Be sure D-rings are properly installed with a bolt through both the floor and the cross member. This will ensure a safe, reliable anchor.

Enjoy Safe, Secure Hauling Power Today

Choose a trailer that’s designed for reliable hauling of all types of loads. Learn about our custom trailers today to find an individualized anchor system that fits your professional or personal equipment. Don’t let an unsafe anchor point cause an accident or compromise your trailer safety but utilize a reliable trailer for all your travels.